Putting Down Fresh Roots

The maintenance of a farm can be much more complicated than some would expect, especially when you are not used to running one.

Blackburn-Sachs Associates is a family-owned farm that had been neglected for quite some time due to the deteriorating health of the original owners.

Finally, under the advice of business advisers, the farm was passed into the hands of the grandchildren of Mr. Sachs and his wife Mrs. Blackburn-Sachs.

The Sachs brothers were a little out of their element when they took over their grandparents farm, and were dismayed to find that crops were not growing as they expected. Determined not to let the family down, they began a search for local agricultural specialists. Their search eventually led them to http://precisionfarmingsolutions.net.

Precision Farming Solutions was started by Mr. Rick Applegate, an Indiana farmboy and a Purdue University graduate in Agricultural Management, in the summer of 2009. The intent was to meet the demand of local farmers needing agricultural tools, support, and guidance in making their property productive and profitable.

The first step the Sachs’ wanted to accomplish was a detailed analysis of their soil. Soil sampling can help farmers determine the most accurate way to apply fertilization, crop planning, and irrigation needs. Precision Farming Solutions together with Integrated Ag Services, offer their customers a newly improved form of testing referred to as HD Soil Sampling.

HD Soil Sampling is thought to be one of the most advanced methods. Samples are taken from every half acre of property, offering a more detailed record of results, allowing for affective recommendations. Precision Solutions Farming, dedicated to the success of their customers, provides farmers with access to third party fertility and planting businesses they have working relationships with.

With a comprehensive understanding of the soil on the Blackburn-Sachs Associates property, the new owners were able, with the help of Precision Farming Solutions, to outline and implement a plan for a successful and profitable farm. The entire family looks forward to the harvests to come, and a continuation of the relationship built with Precision Farming Solution for any future needs.